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It doesn't exist, but if it did, the definition would probably look something like this:

Fiddlepoke v. intr. manipulation of object(s) for the purpose of: increasing knowledge, enjoyment, modification, synthesis or analysis. n. A person involved in the act, often a child (or someone with childlike curiousity). ~r one that fiddlepokes. pl. ~s.


October, 2008 | By: John

Inspired by the setting up of a net facing apache web server on my home network, I have decided to restart work on the content that I had put together ready for publishing. This includes some work on a LTD Stirling engine, a PIC based tachomenter for my engineering mill and preparing to build several internal combustion engines.

I also enjoy flying R/C aeroplanes, see one of the tabs above. There a few other activities that are have tabs or links from this page

The final published pages, will be on a commercial web server, I just use the home web server for testing and evaluation


Success is often built on the efforts of others, I would like to thank all that have inspired me or assisted with the content in these web pages. If I have inadvertantly not creditied someone for their ideas, then I apologise and will endeavour to correct the fault as soon as possible

Please enjoy